Fahari Realtors is a Real Estate firm specializing in Residential and Commercial Property Management, providing sound advice and support to homeowners, investors and corporates to suit their various needs. We offer the finest, innovative and forward-thinking commercial and residential property advisory services whilst incorporating professional state-of-the-art marketing techniques in the listing and selling of luxury homes and residential communities.  In addition to the management of commercial and residential properties, our services include the maintenance of buildings, negotiating leases with tenants and the collection of rent.

Fahari Realtors is a people-oriented organization based on realistic values as our integrated platform of services offer solutions to every client in every phase of occupying or owning a property. We offer homes that fit into any lifestyle and milestone in your life, whether it is concerned with the proximity to your workplace, school, or whether you are looking for a maintenance free lifestyle or even something bigger as your family grows.

"Beautiful Investments Within Your Reach"


To offer a commitment of sustainability whilst serving the regional and local needs of corporates, investors, developers and residents by continually exploring new ideas and technology thus making the buying and selling of real estate faster, easier and as cost effective as possible.


We aim to become a leading real estate company in Kenya by ethically providing efficient and high quality residential and commercial property solutions.